About R.L. Laster & Associates

R. L. Laster & Associates are manufacturers’ representatives with an extensive background in utility generation, transmission, distribution and metering.  We have a proven track record of successful small and large scale monitoring projects with resulting cost savings for our customers.

Our customers know … we care about the trust they place in us.

The utility “de-regulated” environment is providing facility managers with: Competition … Choices … and Confusion!

We can help obtain the important “power usage” information required to take advantage of de-regulation.  Data to assist in the evaluation of alternative suppliers.  Monitor the Power Quality of the power received.

A well designed system will involve:
•  Hardware (the meters to obtain the required performance data)
•  Communications (for meter data retrieval)
•  Software with ODBC database
•  Reporting System (to convert data to information)

We can help obtain the information you need with as little as a single meter with internet browser access or we can engineer a networked system of integrated monitors to manage electric, water, gas, steam, compressed air to determine usage and cost allocation down to the department or even machine tool level.