EMC Pacific Pty Ltd’s permanently hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy resin technology (HH-CEP) has been successfully applied to enhance the performance of cutout insulators in extreme weather conditions, providing electrical utilities with a solution to cutout integrity challenges. Brittle fractures of cutout insulators in cold environments have been a significant safety issue for global electrical utilities and are particularly dangerous when engaging or disengaging a fuse tube when the cutout has been compromised by moisture ingress. EMC Pacific identified that a solution for many cutout reliability issues could be achieved through combining the thermal crack resistance and hydrophobic properties of their proprietary HH-CEP with a well proven cut out insulator design.

The tough one piece HH-CEP moulding with sturdy non corrosive line hardware has no cemented or crimped fittings to the insulator body eliminating any possibility of moisture ingress to the insulator core which has caused numerous failures associated with ceramic and composite cutouts. The shedding of the ‘D’ type cutout insulator has proven to be instrumental in exceptional performance in very high pollution environments because:

  • The moulded skirts around the mounting hardware extend the BIL affording greater insulation from the live contacts to the mounting             brackets. They additionally create a flashover shield for grounded mounting brackets, a feature which has established this product in             conditions where competitive products have failed.
  • The ‘D’ type geometry of the EMC Pacific cutout insulator also extends the distance of live contacts away from the mounting hardware.
  • The significant shed angle provides for excellent natural wash off of pollutants and prevention of dry banding, extending insulator             performance and life.

EMC Pacific IXI insulators are designed to meet or exceed the Polymeric Resin Insulator requirements of IEC & AS 62217(2007) and the relevant performance requirements of AS IEC 60720(2007), AS/NZS2947.2(2002), AS 4899(2007), AS 4435.4(2005), IEC 61952(2008), ANSI C29.5(1984) and CEA LWIWG-02. The performance testing at Powertech Labs has demonstrated compliance to relevant IEC, ANSI, CSA & IEEE standards for voltage rating of 27kV and current rating of 200A. In addition to passing the normal dielectric, interrupting, temperature rise, radio interference and mechanical design tests, EMC Pacific’s PH-CEP cutout insulators succeeded in passing the CSA C310-(2010) standard which has an added special thermal cycle testing to ensure the performance of the cut-out in extreme weather conditions of –50ÅãC to +50ÅãC.

This standard also has tests to simulate field tracking, erosion and aging, along with the steep-front impulse voltage test and the post ageing test requirements – all of which were passed with flying colours.

Each cutout insulator is put through stringent quality assurance in line with the EMC Pacific ISO9001 Quality Management System, and every product is uniquely identifiable from a UIN located on the base.

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