A Complete Suite of Products for Your Smart Grid Needs

Prime Smart Grid Software is a suite of six basic components for your Smart Grid needs, you need PrimeRead Energy Suite as the base, all others are add-on modules:

PrimeRead Energy Suite is our flagship and base product that takes care of all of your data collection needs (from leading AMI vendors, C&I meters and Power Quality meters), information management, reporting and metering data supervision.

PrimePDA is a data capture system for electronic energy meters locally via direct connection

PrimeWeb is an application that allows the query and display of load profile, logs and events on an intranet or extranet. Allows you to download data on any computer in different formats. It also contains predefined reports and graphs.

PrimeGuard is an application designed specifically for detecting events quickly and easily, notifying them automatically when they occur. Reduce losses and timely response to your monitored events.

PrimeGrid provides the necessary information for analyzing and monitoring energy losses across distribution networks.

PrimeRPS converts your AMI platform into a software-centric prepayment solution

Benefits of Prime Family:

  • Open architecture that allows the installation of specific modules and the use of third-party tools to extract and analyze data from the database.
  • Multi-level-architecture, which allows a flexible distribution throughout the network or through a geographically disperse environment.
  • Based on a relational database, which stores all the information in a central data base safely
  • Friendly features and intuitive graphical interfaces, which reduce the learning curve.

Meter Data Collection

Multi-Vendor and Multi-Network

PrimeRead ES is the data collection system for C&I and residential meters. Management capabilities, multi-protocol communications with the different equipment manufacturers can capture all information from the meters park through different communication media. In addition, interoperability with legacy AMI systems, centralize all information as to its operation and management.

PrimeRead’s open architecture, together with the use of widespread relational databases, allow you to access your information at any time. PrimeRead solves your data collection needs in a friendly, easy to use, inexpensive way based on an unattended operation.

How PrimeRead Can Help You

Advanced Online Data Analysis
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), uses simple filtering conditions that are user-defined and a simple interface. The OLAP decision cube is a very powerful and low-cost Data Mining tool that provides spreadsheet support, advanced filtering, reports and graphics for data analysis. The data viewed is dynamically built.

Report Creation and Distribution
Get unlimited user-defined reporting capabilities. PrimeRead Energy Suite uses industry-standard Crystal Reports as its standard report creation tool. Reports can be scheduled for generation and distributed to users for automatic and periodic generation. Reports may be exported to several standard file formats.

Automated Online and Interactive Data Validation
Incoming raw data cannot be used without the proper validation checks performed to ensure that the data may be used for billing, settlement, engineering operations and web presentment. PrimeRead offers a full validation engine with techniques that are set globally but can be overridden at the individual device level. Interactive data validation is also available and takes into consideration historical values or each device and channel.

Automatic and Manual Data Estimation
Missing data coming from metering devices is an impediment for proper data exchange. Missing or erroneous data must be estimated according to certain established rules and then edited in the database. PrimeRead offers both automatic, online data estimation for missing intervals and manual estimation for either missing or unreliable readings. The system allows you to define estimation rules and settings that should be applied.

With PrimeRead utilities can reduce costs in data collection operations, ensuring their integrity and process’ consistency. In addition, your company will get:

  • A friendly, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that reduces the learning curve
  • A powerful application that supports many of the most popular meter models installed in the world today
  • An application that supports multiple communications media
  • A scalable solution that grows with your needs
  • An open architecture allows the use of third party tools to extract and analyze data from the database
  • Statistical reports that transmit the analysis results in a quick, direct and understandable format
  • Complex TOU rates and day types
  • Fast billing process after the data collection